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Learn from and analyze random English song lyrics.

“Grammy” by Purity Ring (Soulja Boy Cover) | Lyrics for English Students

I deserve a Grammy! Come on, I know none of you would vote for me. Still, it takes guts to affirm that — positive affirmations — and that’s exactly what this music duo was doing. This cover for “Grammy” by Purity Ring was released as a single in 2013. … Continue reading

‘Crush’ by Tessa Violet | Lyrics for English Students

Sometimes life can get the best of us. One minute we’re focusing hard on a task, and the next we’re scrolling down a complete stranger’s social media page drooling over their hot pics. This is part of the spirit behind this fun and poppy song, today’s subject under study! … Continue reading

“Tennis Court” by Lorde – Lyrics for English Students

Let’s take it to the court! The back and forth of gossip and mundane chit-chat form a part of the day-to-day of socialites that Ella Yelich-O’Connor loved to criticize in her first releases. From her album, Pure Heroine (now somewhat of a throwback, right?), these are the song lyrics … Continue reading


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