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a woman falling into a crowd of people waiting to catch her, related to the many meanings of "catch"

The Many Meanings of Catch (Catch on, Catch up, a Catch, & more) | English Dialogue

Heads up … catch! This seemingly (or should I say “deceptively”) simple word is stuffed and loaded with different meanings. Do the many uses of “catch” confuse you? Here I want to look at the traditional meanings, as well as some common slang and figurative uses … Continue reading

a pink neon question mark in a box down a dark hallway, asking questions without auxiliary in English

Topic: Why Shoulda, Coulda, Should of, Would of? | English Speaking Habits

Pronouncing Modal Verbs in the Past Modal verbs? What? As English speakers, we have lots of funny speech habits. To the average person, they may not seem like a big deal. But what about those that have decided to take on learning this complex language? “Take … Continue reading

Everyday Expressions about Cars and Driving (part 2) – English List

Welcome to this version of English List. Cars have had such a huge impact on that language–the English one–and we’re here to prove it! This is part 2 of Everyday Expressions about Cars and Driving, including some terms that can be used for both vehicles and … Continue reading

Cambly vs Preply, comparing the two language tutoring sites from the tutors' perspective

Preply vs Cambly: Pros & Cons – Students’ Edition

For people seeking to learn English, there have never been so many options as now! With such variety, though, it can get confusing as to which platforms are better suited for each individual student. I mean, we’ve all got our own unique styles and comfort zones, … Continue reading


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