world map with question marks on it, related to biogeography and the nearctic realm

About the Nearctic Realm – What is it? | Culture & Biogeography

Realm? What are we, crossing through the wardrobe of Narnia? It sounds a bit fancy, but Biogeographic (or Zoogeographic) Realms are a way that scientists have divided the world to connect its main biological and geographic features. The continents in all their glory can be a confusing and misrepresentative … Continue reading

Places in Yukon – Gallery Images, Videos, & Profile | Earth’s Face 🇨🇦

YUKON English: /YOO-kahn/ Listen French: /yu-KON/ Listen Name Origin after the Yukon River, possibly from the Gwich’in language for “white water river” or “great river“ Population ~ 42,600 Main Languages Predominantly English (~ 83%). The next most spoken language is French, also an official language in the territory (~ … Continue reading

Places in the Northwest Territories | Gallery, Videos, & Profile 🇨🇦

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES les Territoires du Nord-Ouest Name Origin when Rupert’s Land and the North-Western Territory were joined, they became the North-West Territories, describes their geographic location in Canada Population ~ 45,000 Main Languages Predominantly English (~ 78%). Dogrib or Tłı̨chǫ is the most prevalent indigenous language (~ 4%). Other … Continue reading


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