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Learn what movies have to say about society and culture in the English world.

movie poster cover for Django Unchained

‘Django Unchained’ & American Society- What’s it say about us?

Django Unchained was a 2012 American movie by Quentin Tarantino that shook up so many of its viewers. With references to Spaghetti Westerns, Southern epics, and slavery pieces to name a few, this movie also had a lot to say about American society overall. Down below are a few … Continue reading

red carpet representing the Academy Awards

The Oscars 2021 + society – What do they say about us?

This year’s Academy Awards (2021) were one of the most unique ceremonies we’ve seen in a long time. That might have something to do with the weird year that proceeded it. Still, this time around the Oscars said some interesting things about American society, and that’s what I want … Continue reading

Gone Girl movie poster

Gone Girl + society [2014] – What’s it say about us?

A small-town girl from the American Midwest disappears suddenly … and her husband is the prime suspect. Well, actually she’s a grown woman, but you get my point. This is the main plot of this post’s subject, Gone Girl. It was a book by Gillian Flynn that turned into … Continue reading


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