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a woman falling into a crowd of people waiting to catch her, related to the many meanings of "catch"

The Many Meanings of Catch (Catch on, Catch up, a Catch, & more) | English Dialogue

Heads up … catch! This seemingly (or should I say “deceptively”) simple word is stuffed and loaded with different meanings. Do the many uses of “catch” confuse you? Here I want to look at the traditional meanings, as well as some common slang and figurative uses of the word. … Continue reading

microphotography of orange and blue house miniature on brown snail s back

Slang words for House and Home | English & A Story ‘Soft Place Baby Bed’

“Welcome to my house, we don’t have to go-wo out …”  It’s a good thing you didn’t hear me sing that! To pick up on the topic though, we’re going to look at some different ways to refer to someone’s house. Well, the most popular slang ways, that is. There … Continue reading

Careful looking outward – How to use expressions with ‘Watch’ (watch out, watch it, & more)

Looking at a kangaroo juggle fire can be interesting. But watching a kangaroo juggle fire is a lot better. The difference between “look” and “watch” is often a struggle for English learners to understand, but consider this; “watching” is like “looking” more attentively. Look = just using your eyes … Continue reading


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