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  • What does Adzera sound like? | Language Surf
    Adzera Atzera – Azera – Atsera – Acira an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea, in the Austronesian family Hear More Languages Speakers ~ 30,000 Dialects of Adzera Central group Amari Ngarowapum  Yaros Guruf (Ngariawang) Tsumanggorun  *Sukurum and Sarasira may be dialects or separate languages Listen Teaching About Prayer and Faith – Adzera … Continue reading
  • What does Adyghe sound like? | Language Surf
    Adyghe West Circassian – Адыгабзэ – кӀахыбзэ – Adıgabzə – k’axıbzə a Circassian language of Russia (Caucasus region) and Turkey, in the Northwest Caucasian family Hear More Languages Speakers ~ 575,900 Black Sea Coast Dialects of Adyghe Shapsug (Шапсыгъабзэ) North Shapsugs (Great Shapsugs, Kuban Shapsugs, Шапсыгъэ шху) Kfar Kama (Кфар Камэм … Continue reading
  • Nigerian Ancestry in America | What my DNA reveals about the U.S.
    The craze of ancestry testing has swept the globe. Organizations like and 23andMe have been on the receiving end of millions of spit samples for a time now. I sent mine in, you can believe. One of the most interesting parts of doing a test like this is learning … Continue reading
  • What does Adnyamathanha sound like? | Language Surf
    Adnyamathanha  yura ngarwala – Kuyani – Guyani a group of related Thura-Yura languages of Australia, in the Pama-Nyungan family Hear More Languages Speakers ~ 140 Languages Adnyamathanha  Kuyani (Guyani) *sometimes classified as same or separate language Listen (1) Watch | Facebook (1) Watch | Facebook See More Do you speak … Continue reading
  • Beautiful Places in Alaska 🇺🇸 – Gallery Images, Videos, & Profile | Earth’s Face
    What is there to see in Alaska? ALASKA Alax̂sxax̂ – Alaasikaq – Alas’kaaq – Alaskaq – Anáaski English: /uh-LAS-kuh/ * /a-LAS-kuh/ Listen Name Origin from the term used by Russians to name the Alaska Peninsula, from the Aleut and Yupik languages for “object to which the sea’s action is directed” … Continue reading

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