“Pleasure” [Feist] – lyrics for English students

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Get what I want _ And still it’s a mysterious thing that I want _ So when I get it _ I make sense of a mysterious thing

  • Feist wants something that is mysterious, so when she gets it, there’s some confusion of if she received it or not. It’s very illusive. 

‘Cause I’ve taken flight on such a serious wing

  • Doing something “on a wing” is doing it in a certain way. You can do things on a new wing, a good wing, an excited wing, etc. 

I, and you are the same and

  • Artistic phrasing. *You and I are the same …

Either fiction or dreaming _ We know enough to admit

  • Whether it’s real or fake, they are smart enough to know it.

We know enough to admit _ We know enough to admit _ It’s my pleasure _ And your pleasure _ It’s my pleasure _ And your pleasure _ Oh, an echo calls up the line

  • The line here can refer to a caller line, but also a family line, as in generation after generation. The same words, conversations and actions are repeating eerily like an echo.

An indication of time _ Our togetherness _ That is how we evolved _ We became our needs

  • Their relationship and habits developed over time based on this “echo” of repetition.

Ages up inside

  • This can either refer to them spending ages, or lots of time, on each other’s minds, or the long time they spent guarded from something. There’s a mixture of good and bad senses of age and time here. Evolution seems to be expressed emotionally and scientifically.

Escaping similar pain _ Dreaming safe and secure _ Generations in line

  • A similar trend of using love and pleasure to escape pain and to feel secure occurs over generations.

Old and then the youth _ Come to meet or fade

  • People have to form relationships and continue on or they will stay alone and fade away.

A chromosomal raid

  • Creates a sense of this wild rush for people to find their partners and pass on the chromosomes in their DNA. Relationships in the scientific sense.

Built by what we got built for _ As much as what we avoid

  • What we got built for (our instincts to procreate and self-preservation) has ended up being who we are (obsessed with sex and our egos/ourselves). The things we try to avoid, maybe inappropriate or malicious ideas, also become who we are because we think so much about them.

So the mystery lifts

  • Like a curtain lifting, now she understands the mystery of her pleasure.

We know enough to admit _ We know enough to admit _ It’s my pleasure _ And your pleasure _ It’s my pleasure _ And your pleasure _ That’s the same _ That’s what we’re here for!

  • We all want the same things at the core, and that’s why we exist, after all!

Then she repeats.

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